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Alrad Imaging has introduced ultra-compact CMOS cameras from The Imaging Source that are suitable for machine vision, automation, quality control, medical, logistical and security applications.

Using the software supplied by the manufacturer, the user can configure the cameras precisely to the requirements of his or her application by setting the resolution and frame rate.

All standard resolutions from 96 x 96, via VGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, full HD to 5 megapixels and frame rates from 200fps to 6fps at 5MP can be configured.

It is also possible to set the sensitivity from 1.4V/lux-sec to 14V/lux-sec, without changing the exposure time.

These industrial cameras are shipped in an ultra-compact (36 x 36 x 23mm) aluminium housing and are available with either monochrome or colour variants, with or without an infrared cut filter.

The cameras come with USB 2.0 and do not require any additional power supply.

Optionally, the cameras are available with a trigger input and digital input/output.

A tripod bush is included.

The lens mount is the standard C/CS mount.

Board versions of these cameras are also available for OEM applications.

The software support fulfils the desires of the most demanding programmers and end users, according to Alrad.

Drivers for Labview, Halcon, DirectX, Twain and WDM are shipped as standard.

All camera functions can be set by software.

In addition, a number of automatic modes are available, which guarantee the optimal image quality even in varying lighting conditions.

The package includes the camera and the driver for Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), IC Imaging Control 3.1 SDK (.Net and C++ class library) and IC Capture 2.1.

IC Capture is an end-user application that can be used to set all camera parameters and to display and save single images and image sequences.

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