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Mate Precision Tooling is to showcase the Ultra indexable multi tool (IMT), designed to achieve any angle setting on the workpiece, at Fabtech 2010.

Ultra IMT is designed to use Mate Ultra punches, strippers and Slug Free dies, eliminating the need for specialised tooling inventory.

The company said assembly and disassembly is simple – no tools are required for punch, striker and stripper retention/removal.

Ultra IMT features a drop-in quick-tool-change design that allows for fast tool changes, reducing machine downtime while increasing productivity.

The Mate Ultra IMT is said to maximise existing punch press output with features such as: integral punch length adjustment, variable stripping force options, fully ported lubrication, easy active station identification, ergonomic design and many others.

It is available in three-station and eight-station versions.

Mate’s Ultraform FX and XT holders are said to provide affordable interchangeability with Mate’s Ultraform insert system.

These holders reduce holder complexity for machines with precise stroke control and for machine users who infrequently use or do not want length adjustment.

Fabricators can use one holder with a variety of special forming inserts – anything from countersinks and continuous beads to formed embosses for logos and branding.

Benefits include reduced tooling cost and increased flexibility.

Mate’s Rollerball Deburr tool is said to eliminate burrs and secondary operations on punched parts.

The Rollerball Deburr pushes the burr away and creates a radius on the side of punched parts.

Using a special ball in the upper and lower part of the tool, all part contours can be processed and deburred, even in tight corners.

The tool takes advantage of Mate’s Rollerball technology, which utilises the extended programming capabilities of punch presses that can operate in the X- and Y-axis with the ram down.

Rollerball Deburr is available for thick-turret and Trumpf-style applications.

Mate Precision Tooling

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