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Wolfson Microelectronics has launched an ultra-low-power DAC, which extends playback time in portable audio applications such as media players, multimedia phones and handheld gaming systems.

The WM8910 is the latest addition to the company’s range of DACs, delivering high-performance audio and low power consumption in an ultra-slim, low-profile form factor.

Incorporated within the WM8910 is a control write sequencer to facilitate system design and a ground-referenced headphone amplifier to improve ‘pop-and-click’ performance and reduce external component count.

The WM8910 features Wolfson’s SmartDAC technology, a low-power DAC capacitor switching architecture that enables DAC-to-headphone power consumption of less than 4.5mW.

Sitting alongside this is the company’s Class W amplifier technology, an evolution of Class G, which includes an adaptive dual-drive charge pump and DC servo circuit architecture.

The Class W headphone amplifier technology tracks the actual music signal level and uses an adaptive dual-drive charge pump to optimise power dissipation and eliminate the need for large DC blocking headphone capacitors, resulting in savings in printed circuit board space and the audio subsystem bill of materials.

Audio performance is enhanced with the integration of Wolfson’s Silentswitch technology, which extends its ‘pop-and-click’ suppression capability by incorporating clamp and sequencer circuitry.

With this feature, unwanted noise at the headphone amplifier output is reduced during power-up and mute/unmute by clamping the output to ground.

Using an integrated sequencer with programmable delay times to power up and power down parts of the WM8910 reduces ‘pops and clicks’, as well as reducing the time to market by lowering software driver development time.

The WM8910 provides the core for a distributed ultra-low-power audio subsystem and its inherent flexibility offers the system designer the option to use the latest digital microphones through an integrated digital microphone interface.

Analogue line inputs are supported, with bypass paths to the Class W headphone and line output also included in the WM8910.

The WM8910 is available for sampling now in a 40-pin 5 x 5mm QFN package.

For quantities of 1,000, it is priced at USD1.66 (GBP1.00).

Wolfson Microelectronics

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