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Donaldson has released the Ultrapac Classic range of dryers, which reduces energy and maintenance costs for users of heatless adsorption dryers.

The Ultrapac Classic range incorporates the Donaldson compressed air filter, which complies with ISO 12500-1.

The filter’s optimised air flow and the effective, application-specific filter media help to decrease the differential pressure by up to 50 per cent.

A medium-sized type ALD 850 or MSD 850 dryer is fitted with energy-saving filters (size 1100), producing a differential pressure of 125mbar less than conventional filters.

As a result, the power consumption of the compressor is reduced by 1.125kW.

This will save EUR720 (GBP645) a year, based on 8,000 operating hours and a price of EUR0.08/kWh of electricity.

The filter is particularly effective at saving energy during drying, in the pre- and after filtration stages.

The pre-filter, a coalescing filter from the M range, and the V-type after-filter, have a longer filter life, which helps reduce service costs.

Their high retention rates also help to increase operational safety.

The most economic time for filter replacement is signalled by an LED in the display.

The filter housing is equipped with a bayonet lock and can be easily removed.

The desiccant regeneration takes place in fixed cycles in the standard version of the Ultrapac Classic, making its control technology different to dryers controlled according to the dew point.

Using Ultraconomy control, the dew point values of the treated compressed air at the outlet of the dryer are continually measured and evaluated.

The desiccant is only regenerated when a preset dew point has been reached, based on the actual water loading.

The following example shows the possible energy savings that can be made using Ultraconomy control (which is also recommended for retrofitting to other manufacturers’ heatless adsorption dryers).

A dryer, designed for 100M3/h at 35C inlet temperature and 7bar (g) operating pressure, uses approximately 15M3/h of regeneration air during a fixed cycle.

At an average compressed air requirement of 60 per cent, an average inlet temperature of 30C and average pressure of 7.2bar, the water load still only amounts to approximately 45 per cent of the maximum value.

On average, the dryer with load-dependent control now uses only 6.75M/h, therefore saving 8.25M/h.

Depending on the compressor’s type and condition, this is equivalent to a power consumption of 1kW.

At a full-cost price of EUR0.02/M3 of generated, compressed air and 8,000 operating hours a year, this gives an annual saving of about EUR1,320.

The Ultrapac Classic dryers are available in three ranges, for volume flows from five to 1,000M3/h.

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