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The handheld UT5000 intrinsically safe ultrasonic tester from Cordex Instruments is suitable for measuring metal thickness on pipelines and fixed equipment within hazardous locations.

The instrument features the Cordex Connect reporting software as standard, which integrates RFID technology.

The company said the combined package increases efficiency and productivity by allowing the tester’s findings to be uploaded into a predictive maintenance plan or schedule.

The UT5000 tester provides early warning of pipe-wall thinning or corrosion, which can be a significant problem for the oil, gas and chemical processing industries.

This is because any breach could result in the loss of process fluids or gas, necessitating costly downtime for removal or replacement.

The UT5000 allows the maintenance team to predict a problem and schedule it for routine repair via the Cordex Connect software.

Cordex Connect uses RFID and proprietary software to tag every thickness measurement with its exact location, date and time.

Engineers and technicians charged with monitoring pipeline safety can then take this field data to create predictive maintenance programmes.

To illustrate specific areas of interest, the system can also import digital images from Cordex Centurion, Toughpix and other digital cameras.

Measurements taken over multiple visits are easily compiled and organised, so thickness over time can be projected using trending features.

Data can be printed or exported to Microsoft Excel or into a .csv file.

The software also senses when the tester may be out of calibration, alerting the user to suspect readings.

When the tool is sent for calibration, real-time tracking enables its transport and in-process status to be tracked.

The UT5000 tester stores up to 1,000 measurements and the corrosion mode helps identify spots that are thinning by providing continuous, real-time measurements that are logged with minimum, maximum and average thickness ratings.

Additional features include Multiecho technology, which is said to improve accuracy on uneven surfaces by taking an average value from a number of echo measurements to arrive at the most accurate reading.

Drop-down menus that ensure the correct velocity for the target material is taken into account are also provided.

Tested for use in Zone 1 IIC T4 hazardous areas, the UT5000 is freely usable on site as it requires no hot-work permit.

It is designed for left- and right-handed operation.

The over-moulded body is purpose built for rugged environments and protects a 3.1in, full colour, backlit screen and has easy-to-feel, raised buttons.

The dual-element 4mHz transducer is adjustable up to 8Hz with an accuracy of +/-0.05mm.

The complete kit comprises the UT5000 ultrasonic tester with Cordex Connect, hard carrying case, a probe, USB communication cable, coupling gel, two wrist straps, 10 Atex-certified RFID tags and a battery pack that provides up to 100 hours of continuous operation.

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