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EA Technology will introduce Chinese user interfaces for its latest Ultratev Monitor and Ultratev Locator Partial Discharge (PD) products, at Expo 2010 in Shanghai on 22 June.

The new Ultratev Monitor is being marketed as the most powerful system ever developed for monitoring PD activity in HV and MV substation assets over time.

It has already been deployed by power-asset owners and oil-and-gas producers across the world.

The Ultratev Locator is described as the world’s most powerful and versatile portable system for investigating and recording partial discharge (PD) activity in live MV and HV assets.

The Chinese version of the Ultratev Monitor and Ultratev Locator will be marketed throughout China and south-east Asia by EA Technology’s Shanghai office.

Its network of international distribution partners will market the Chinese version of the Ultratev Monitor and Ultratev Locator.

The Ultratev Monitor uses a combination of six sensor technologies to monitor PD activity, by measuring ultrasonic and transient earth voltage (TEV) emissions, together with environmental conditions in the form of ambient temperature, surface temperature and relative humidity.

Radio frequency current transformers (RFCTs) are also used to monitor PD activity in cables.

The system uses a network of measurement nodes, daisy-chained over a single cable to a central hub, providing individual monitoring of PD activity in up to 250 substation assets simultaneously.

In addition to detecting and locating PD activity on the surface and internal to components, it measures, records, analyses and provides management reports on changes in PD over time.

As an added bonus, the Ultratev Monitor functions as a continuous PD alarm system, automatically searching for critical levels and trends in PD activity and transmitting alerts to asset managers over a choice of media, including email and SMS messages.

The Windows user-interface provides access to the system’s web-enabled hub, which includes data storage and analytical software.

Authorised users can access the system from anywhere in the world, using standard web browsers.

Communications facilities are also provided via email, private networks and a range of mobile protocols, including 3G mobile broadband.

The new Ultratev Locator is a fully portable, multi-functional system for investigating and recording PD activity in unprecedented detail.

The dual-probe instrument features six different sensor technologies to detect and gather information about PD activity.

In one-shot survey mode, a single probe is used to detect and measure the presence of PD activity.

Switching to location mode, both probes are deployed, using time-of-flight measurement to calculate the site of PD activity to an accuracy of 2ns (nanoseconds), equivalent to 60cm.

In comparative-measurement mode, operators can measure surface PD activity in the form of decibel readings in the ultrasonic range and compare results with those taken from other assets.

All measurements taken by the system, including heterodyne of ultrasonic-sound recordings, can be saved to the Ultratev Locator’s internal memory and recalled on the touch-screen display.

The battery-powered Ultratev Locator is supplied in its own carry-case and is compatible with a range of accessories, including the Ultradish directional microphone and additional contact probe, to further increase its versatility.

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