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Unicut Precision has won a contract in the subsea sector for a range of 17 specialist connectors for undersea use, including Banana components destined for sensor assemblies and maintenance tooling.

The 17 parts are between 2 and 10mm diameter by up to 400mm long and are produced in Peek, a form of special plastics, as well as high-quality 316L stainless steel.

Required in batches that range between 100 and 200 parts, they are suitable for the Citizen CNC sliding-head turn-mill centres installed at Welwyn Garden City for single-cycle production operations with fast changeovers.

Even the 400mm-length components can be produced in this way of working, due to the long workpiece adaptors that are included in the high specification of its machines.

The contract involves complete supply of material, machining and full historical traceability.

Operations to be performed on the different parts involve turning and threading, cross-hole drilling and milling of special hexagons and keyways with some parts having very thin wall sections of under 1mm.

A Banana connector of 2.38mm diameter by 400mm long has a fine thread of 2-56 UNC-2A at one end and one in each of the component quadrants – 0.8mm wide by 4.5mm long – at the other four keyway slots.

These slots all break into each other at the centre of the part and have to be fully deburred at the intersection within the machining cycle.

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