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Unifin has brought out a line of Removable Cover Plate (RCP) generator-coolers for generation installations such as nuclear, hydro-electric or gas turbine power.

Applications include air-cooled and hydrogen-cooled generators.

Today’s electrical generators emit heat from conductor resistance and from friction losses in the bearings.

Unifin’s RCP coolers effectively and reliably remove this heat, in a system that is easy to clean and maintain.

The RCP coolers feature Unifin’s plate fin technology, which provides optimal heat transfer efficiency and exceptional durability.

Other fin surfaces available from Unifin include a removable bolt-on cover plate that facilitates access for cleaning while keeping the cooler installed, without disturbing the piping.

A unique leak detector configuration prevents catastrophic failure of the motor or generator.

The detector senses moisture before it can leak into the air.

The Unifin leak detector system consists of a full double-tube construction that provides additional protection against possible leaks caused by tube erosion.

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