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A modular conveying system, developed by Autarky Automation with Schuco conveyor components, is being used by Unilever as part of a filling and packing system for deodorant aerosols.

The system, installed in Unilever’s Leeds factory, incorporates an antistatic material to eliminate the potential for static discharges and offers an anti-pinch construction that prevents shrink-wrap outer packaging from becoming trapped between sections of the conveyor chain.

These are filled and sealed in a controlled environment before being batched into sets of six aerosols on transit packing trays and transferred to the Autarky Automation conveying system for transport through shrink-wrapping machines to high-speed pack handling, stacking and palletising systems.

The Schuco conveyor chain has been developed using a polyurethane material that retains its antistatic and mechanical properties throughout its operating life and has a static rating of 10-8 ohms.

The conveyor is designed to eliminate problems caused by pinch-points, especially where the chain has to turn horizontally or vertically, as it features interlocking belt fingers that do not protrude or create open joints.

This prevents the shrink wrapping around each product pack from becoming snagged or torn as the packs are transported from the wrapper to the downstream palletising systems.

The Autarky conveyor system comprises a series of interconnected sections, up to 90m in length, running at speeds of up to 300m/min and maximum running speeds of 900m/min.

The system is monitored and controlled from a central operator station that also controls the pallet-handling systems.

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