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A1 Technologies has introduced Unimat, a modular machine construction system to meet the needs of virtually any small-scale prototyping or production application.

The Unimat range has been developed based on the traditional subtractive principles of manufacture, but also with the aim of being accessible to anyone.

The Unimat 1 Classic package includes a jigsaw, drill press, milling machine (horizontal and vertical) and metal lathe.

Applications include professional model making, manual training, an introduction to engineering and as a hands-on resource for elementary and secondary schools.

The Metalline is modular but built from rugged metal components, precisely engineered with perfect alignment and built specifically for durability, stability and precision, according to the company.

At the heart of the Powerline is the power-drive unit, which has the same modularity as all of the other machines in the Unimat series.

By incorporating the Powerline system, it is possible to expand and upgrade the Unimat system with a larger and more powerful machine for more demanding applications.

The Metalline system can be easily upgraded to Unimat-CNC, which allows for further configurations and CNC applications.

The slides of the machines are equipped with 2A stepper motors that are suitable for the reproduction of workpieces and the processing of 3D solid models.

The machine can read STL files.

Due to the modular system, several fully functional machines can be set up in a small area.

Due to the 12V motor drive, Unimat machines are said to be much quieter than industrial machines, making them suitable for virtually any environment.

A variety of machines can be set up and the kit can also be upgraded according to requirement.

Machine beds are precisely machined from anodised aluminium and double-bearing headstocks, and have an industrial drive belt.

The system’s components can be completely dismantled to enable easy cleaning.

All components can be serviced and maintained by the user rather than a service shop.

Features such as the short stroke of the saw and the 12V safety adaptor mean that the Unimat system is suitable for children.

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