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To support continued growth in the biscuits industry, United Biscuits (UB), producers of Jacob’s Cream Crackers and biscuit range, has installed more equipment from Lock Inspection Systems.

Supplementing its existing Met 9 and Met 30+ metal detectors and checkweighers, UB has purchased a CK1500.

The procurement of the checkweighers was viewed as an essential requirement in maintaining production of UB’s existing and new packaged product lines.

The installation of the new Lock Inspection checkweigher will help to guarantee continuation of a quality product, which is delivered fully intact, undamaged and backed by QC and safety records.

The CK1500 touch-screen display panel is a key feature for UB.

The touch-screen displays average, actual, over- and underweight data, also assisting with any problem diagnosis and machine set-up.

Installed at the end of the packing line, the system provides the final check before goods are delivered to customers.

A pusher reject device transfers underweight or overweight products from the line onto a table, where they may be manually inspected.

‘Thanks to our relationship with Lock we were able to upgrade our production facilities in accordance with all the required legislation to achieve increased reliability and accuracy,’ said the engineering manager at UB Jacob’s Aintree site.

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