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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has revealed that its AS-I communication bus-equipped Element diaphragm valves have been selected by pharmaceutical formulation manufacturer Unither for use on its automated production line.

Unither’s site in Gannat, France, is a specialised production facility for the manufacture of soluble tablets, dry formulations and anal suppositories. During a recent modernisation, the company wanted to develop and install an AS-I communication bus to make its production as flexible as possible.

The installation is equipped with a number of Element diaphragm valves. Limit switch devices with AS-I communication are installed on each pneumatic valve.

There is a tank bottom drain valve (type 2105), a draw-off valve (type 2014), two-way manual and automatic valve (types 3233 and 2103) and the multi-point Element valve block (type 2034).

The Element two-way diaphragm valves (type 2103), the ‘zero deadleg’ draw-off valves and the tank bottom drain valves (type 2105) used at Unither are supplied in nominal diameters ranging from 8mm to 150mm. The FDA and USP class VI-approved membrane they are supplied with is made from EPDM, PTFE/EPDM or advanced PTFE/EPDM. The valves can withstand a pressure of 10 bar and a fluid temperature between -10°C and +150°C.

Key benefits of product application

  • Burkert was approached specifically because of the company’s know-how and experience of pharmaceutical processes; it was also the only manufacturer of components and solutions capable of responding to Unither’s needs in terms of valves, instrumentation and BBS pipework accessories.
  • Bürkert designed and manufactured special valve blocks for the Element diaphragm valves, which reduced, as far as possible, the retention volumes where bacteriological growth could occur.
  • Advantages of the installation include the stainless steel design of all valve types and the AS-I type 8691 device with high-intensity, multi-colour position indicator for visualisation of valve state from a distance.
  • The Element range of diaphragm valves provide maximum reliability and safety; the valves are easy to use, offer good diagnostics and visualisation, ergonomics, safety of use, adaptability and ease of electrical and pneumatic connections.
  • Start-up times are reduced by simple automatic regulation of the travel limits (auto-tune function); reliability is secured by an integrated filter on the pneumatic supply.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has been manufacturing products and systems for over 60 years that can be used wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has been manufacturing products and systems for over 60 years that can be used wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated.Whether the application is filling, level, flow, pressure or temperature we have a solution and a uniquely comprehensive range of products to handle it, including solenoid, process and analytical valves, pneumatic actuation, sensors and controllers.

For Burkert it is not enough to simply offer individual products.Our aim is to provide complete system and application solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.Tell us what you need and our engineers will find an appropriate solution using our vast experience and a wide range of services such as advice and engineering, installation, testing, and after-sales support.

Burkert’s global presence offers our customers an additional advantage.Products and systems are constantly developed and optimised according to international standards.Through this process synergy effects evolve which ensure technological leadership and competitive advantage

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