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Samba, an all-in-one, palm-size PLC with HMI and onboard I/Os is suitable for OEMs on a tight budget who need compact controllers for simple machine control, but still want the competitive advantage of an elegant-looking colour-touch HMI panel.

All-in-one, palm-size PLCs with HMI and onboard I/Os

The first Samba model was released last spring; a few months later, Unitronics expanded the series, adding a model with a 4.3in HMI panel. Now Unitronics is introducing a 7in HMI panel for an even bolder display. The HMI 16-bit touchscreen enables data entry and display of variable data, including colour trend graphs and alarm screens.

Samba supports 24 user-designed screens and 5MB images per application. The integrated PLC offers a range of features including two auto-tuned PID loops, time-based RTC control, data logging and recipes. 

According to the company, Samba offers all the functionality system integrators need for small applications, reduces space and wiring requirements and eliminates the need to set up panel-PLC communication — resulting in an excellent price-performance ratio.

Key features and specifications

  • The internal memory holds 112KB of application logic, plus 512K for fonts and 5MB for images.
  • Onboard I/Os offer digital, analogue and high-speed functionality.
  • The flat fascia and IP66/IP65/NEMA4X rating makes Samba an excellent fit for the food and pharmaceutical industries, anywhere spray or wipe-down requirements apply.
  • All Samba units come supplied with a programming port (USB for 4.3in and 7in, RS232 for 3.5in). Additional ports can be added: RS485 or Ethernet and CANbus. 
  • Samba supports GPRS/GSM, email and SMS, as well as industrial TCP/IP protocols, MODBUS, DF1 slave, CANopen and J1939; it can also be adapted to any third-party protocol.
  • Samba uses Unitronics’ free VisiLogic software. Visilogic provides a single, simple environment for hardware and communications configuration, ladder application development and HMI design, including a free library of industrial images. Free utilities include remote PC access and data export.


For over 20 years, Unitronics has been a global leader in developing and manufacturing PLCs with onboard HMIs.

For over 20 years, Unitronics has been a global leader in developing and manufacturing PLCs with onboard HMIs. They were pioneers of this market, being one of the first companies to bridge the gap between PLC and HMI; forever changing industrial control processes. OEMs and systems integrators can rely on a single device; all while operating on a minimum of budget, programming time and wiring. Helping customers create the highest quality product, while meeting their budgetary and system requirements, is a top priority for Unitronics. Today the company can provide innovative products and services worldwide, through a network of global professionals, including a US subsidiary, and over 160 distributors in over 50 countries.

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