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Universal Balancing has announced that it has the ability to quickly diagnose and correct problems occurring with customers’ balancing machines via the internet.

The company said the service is making considerable savings in both time and expense, resulting in greater flexibility and plant availability.

Remote support reduces the need for site visits and therefore a reduction in service costs and downtime.

Furthermore, staff can be better utilised and overall plant operational performance and profitability improved.

In the event that a problem cannot be resolved via remote access, engineers are able to attend the site armed with advance knowledge of the situation as well as any spare parts required to remedy it.

This is said to be particularly helpful when there is a failure with a non-standard or stocked item.

To benefit from this support, customers require an internet connection to the balancing machine via hardwire, Wi-Fi or a 3G mobile broadband dongle.

Remote diagnostics assistance is included in the machine’s warranty; thereafter, customers can sign up for Universal Balancing’s technical support package to ensure continuity of this level of service.

When customers contact Universal Balancing for support they are directed to carry on a simple procedure which allows an engineer access to their machine.

Once logged on, the engineer is able to view the computer screen on the customer’s balancing machine.

Programmable logic controllers, weld timers and any additional devices on the machine controls’ network can be viewed and diagnosed in order to fault-find, monitor and even update software.

In addition, the customer has complete control over the connection, with the ability to disconnect at any time while supervising every action that Universal Balancing engineers carry out.

Security is enhanced by the facility to log in via 256 SSL encryption and automatic uninstall, once the support session is completed.

Universal Balancing employs a true Windows platform along with its own UNI-44 touch-screen measuring solution and Winbal software to control all of the machines’ processes.

Fast, configurable and accurate, it is said to make diagnostics and online assistance easily achievable on both manual and fully automatic balancing machines.

Universal Balancing

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