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When Torin Sifan, a supplier of air movement products, began developing an impeller with correction planes less than 2in apart, it approached Universal Balancing to improve the product’s balance.

During the development work using another supplier’s balancer, Torin Sifan’s engineers had attempted to balance the impeller by adding weights to the blades in two planes; however, because of their close proximity, cross plane influence was experienced that resulted in unacceptable readings, giving a relocation error of 0.5kg with the existing tooling.

After consultation with Universal Balancing two main issues were identified.

First, the tooling used to mount the part in the balancing machine was giving a clearance of more than 20 microns, meaning there was a potential relocation error of 8gmm.

Second, the plane separation was too close for ‘standard’ machines to handle.

Having recognised that an improved design was needed, Torin Sifan asked Universal Balancing if they could build a two-plane balancer that would deliver this goal.

The result was a machine customised exactly to fit the company’s precise requirements, which included providing a Northfield high-precision air chuck to clamp the parts to within 1 micron (repeatability) and giving a balancing accuracy of

To address the issue of close-plane separation, the machine’s suspension was adjusted and a calibration technique was employed that eliminates cross-feed between planes.

This allowed optimum plane separation to be achieved in the calculated unbalance results.

The next issue to be addressed was the design of clip weights that are added to balance the part.

Universal Balancing noticed that excessive pressure while adding the clips was distorting the part.

This was causing the rotational axis to change, resulting in a new balance measurement requiring weights to be added at additional locations.

The unbalance was being chased around the part, inevitably resulting in unnecessarily excessive cycle times.

Universal Balancing custom engineered one of its standard V5S vertical two-plane balancing machines to meet Torin Sifan’s requirements.

A small dampener was fitted onto the tooling and a different style of weights introduced to reduce part distortion.

In addition, Universal Balancing designed bespoke weight-adding software based on its UNI-44 Windows-based touchscreen measuring system.

Now, instead of needing to calculate positioning of the weight, the operators simply rotate the part by hand and the software specifies which weight needs to be added and indicates precisely where to place them in order to achieve a balanced part in the shortest possible time.

According to Torin Sifan, the software improved productivity and helped the company achieve a reduction ratio of 98 per cent.

It is claimed that Universal Balancing’s product has become a critical part of the machine set-up at Torin Sifan, helping the company to save time and money in providing bespoke products, fully tested to meet customer requirements for the highest levels of quality and reliability.

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