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The Textlogger is a universal serial data recorder supporting a range of ASCII text logging applications from RS232 compatible data sources.

It is a member of Richard Paul Russell’s Spacelogger-RS range.

Rich data is stored on a removable memory card as a txt file, enabling remote data logging without the need for direct connection to a PC.

After logging, the memory card can be inserted in a card reader in order to view and analyse the data on a PC; no special software is required.

The unit uses an MMC mobile memory card and the cards are available with up to 2 GBit capacity for long-term data logging.

It will also accept other compatible data storage cards.

According to the company, the Textlogger has been designed as a versatile, economic, standalone solution for recording equipment operating data or for logging instrument test data.

It is suitable for capturing data from any device with an RS232 serial port; replacing a printer and enabling paperless record keeping.

The unit can be used for the recording and storage of operating data from laboratory and medical devices for record keeping, including autoclaves and other sterilisers; glassware washer-disinfectors; refrigerators and freezers; and Incubators.

It can also be used for data acquisition from remotely mounted instruments.

For example: temperature, humidity, pressure, pollution, noise, GPS, wind speed and direction measurements.

It offers data recording from measuring equipment such as: weighing balances and scales; analysers; gas and liquid flow meters; mix and dose units; and road traffic counting.

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