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UOP has announced that its Separex membrane system and sulfur-removal adsorbent technologies have been selected for Spain’s Castor Underground Natural Gas Storage (UGS) Project.

The Separex system and UOP GB-220 adsorbent will be used to remove impurities from the extracted natural gas in the onshore facilities of the project, located in Vinaroz, Spain.

The Separex system will be UOP’s largest to date in terms of throughput and, when complete, will allow the facility to process up to 980 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas, to provide reliable delivery in peak demand periods in Spain.

The UOP Separex technology upgrades natural gas streams by removing carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water vapour in order to meet the quality standards specified by pipeline transmission and distribution companies, as well as end users of the natural gas.

Separex membranes operate with very high on-stream factors for difficult-to-treat gas streams in remote locations.

Separex systems can be installed onshore or offshore, require little to no utilities and provide for very short startup times and extreme turndown capabilities.

The UOP GB-220 adsorbent is an advanced, spherical, high-capacity metal-oxide absorbent designed for the removal of hydrogen sulfide, a contaminant found in natural gas.

The UOP equipment and products will be delivered in 2011.

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