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Revised guidance has been released to help member companies implement controls for selling chemicals according to an industry code of conduct.

This release was announced by Peter Newport, director of the Chemical Business Association (CBA), and Steve Elliott, chief executive of the Chemical Industries Association (CIA).

Newport said: ‘As a responsible industry, we share a common goal, through responsible care, to go beyond legal minimum requirements to make sure that chemicals are distributed properly and used safely.

‘[A recent] announcement by the Home Office to ban the human consumption of two key intermediate chemicals – GBL and 1,4 BD – has the support of both our organisations.

‘Customer vetting procedures and vigilance controls, included in the latest edition of the joint code of conduct, go beyond legal minimum requirements.

‘Our member companies will only sell chemicals to customers that have been vetted,’ he added.

Elliott said: ‘For several years, the CBA has been working in partnership with the CIA in developing and expanding an industry code of conduct.

‘The misuse of chemicals by rogue operators is under more scrutiny than ever; our joint code of conduct is regularly reviewed in order improve vigilance levels within the chemicals sector.

‘Of course, the latest edition includes a section on selling drug precursor chemicals but has also been enlarged to include new security advice on explosive precursor chemicals,’ he added.

The CBA and the CIA represent the UK chemical supply chain, including manufacturers, distributors, traders, warehouse operators and carriers.

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