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Jetcam will showcase its updated Expert CAD/CAM and nesting software at Fabtech International in Chicago, from 15-18 November.

The latest version of Jetcam Expert features remnant sheet management, more interfaces to CAD systems and further improvements to nesting efficiency.

Jetcam will offer companies a free nesting benchmark comparison, where they can compare the efficiency of Jetcam over their current nests.

This can often demonstrate a return on investment of months, even without factoring in other savings such as reductions in machine runtime or staff time.

The company will also showcase its forthcoming Material Life Management (MLM) module, the first to be used with Jetcam’s Application Server system.

MLM can track the movement of either rolls or sheets of material, such as composite rolls or sheets/rolls of metal, through the cutting process and onto the finished part.

This is important for companies for which traceability is paramount.

Jetcam’s Application Server allows modules such as MLM to interact in real time with other modules, providing live data to all relevant staff/systems within the production process.

This includes CAD, works orders lists, reporting and integration to legacy data systems such as MRP.

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