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Stahl’s new uninterruptible power supplies for hazardous areas ensure the safe operation of systems that require 100 per cent availability.

The UPS units are assembled from a modular design kit and can be optimally adapted to specific applications.

They can be used to safely bridge complete blackouts or malfunctions in the mains power supply, such as frequency fluctuations or overvoltages caused by lightning strikes, which can result in plant downtime.

Stand-by parallel-operation types and stand-by turn-off operation models can be implemented as required by application specifications.

An integrated Ex UPS guard monitors the functions of the battery charger and the batteries according to the Atex directive and according to IEC/EN 60079 ff, protecting against explosions.

The UPS solutions ensure an autonomous supply to enable ongoing operation of connected systems for a timespan ranging from 30 minutes to several hours.

Backup energy units cannot only be used for fixed installations, but also for mobile and portable equipment.

The kit’s component range includes: battery chargers; various explosion-protected rechargeable batteries (lead gel, NiCd, NiMH); and charge-monitoring technology, including alarm annunciators, DC power distributors and inverters for various performance classes up to 3,000VA.

Stahl is also offering a range of explosion-protected enclosures, such as the GUBox series, which features Ex e connection chambers.

Besides solutions based on standard kit-components, Stahl also provides modules with user-specific explosion-protection types as required.

Proper certification is included in supply.

Thanks to robust components and protective measures, the systems can be designed to withstand extreme environments such as extreme heat or cold, high humidity and salt-spray atmospheres.

If required, the performance and functional range of customer-specific UPS systems can be adjusted at any time, even after installation.

Stahl can provide consultation services throughout all implementation and operation phases, including project planning, delivery and commissioning, as well as maintenance.

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