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Tyco Electronics has introduced the IP20 range of industrial USB connectors, featuring an integrated locking mechanism with audible and tactile feedback.

The connectors are suitable for all industrial USB applications where a high locking force is required.

The devices are designed to interconnect microcontrollers with mechatronic links and I/O interfaces in industrial automation technology, mechanical engineering and plant engineering.

Typical applications include industrial PC solutions, control and automation, inverters and robotic applications, as well as fieldbus systems.

The industrial USB connector series is based on the USB (type A) connector system and meets USB2.0 transmission specifications.

The devices can be used in multiple rows (they are equal in height), have four solder connections and are compatible with standard USB sockets (type A).

To ensure correct locking, the mating sockets are available in a single- and double-row design.

The sockets must protrude from the housing in order to provide secure interlocking.

The devices are also PCB-mount compatible.

To enable design flexibility, the USB connectors are available in several types of socket and connector mountings (reflow soldering, surface mount, surface mount with board locks).

Technical specifications of the series include: rated voltage of 30V AC, rated current of 1A per contact, minimum insulation resistance of 1,000Mohms, contact lifespan of at least 1,500 cycles, pull-out force (cable) of 35N maximum and pull-out force (latching element) of 40N (1min).

The connectors and sockets are designed for automatic pick-and-place assembly.

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