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Silicon Laboratories has introduced two USB microcontroller (MCU) ranges for application in home automation systems, thermostats, USB dongles, smart card readers, GPS localisers and touch panels.

Expanding on Silicon Labs’ USB MCU portfolio, the C8051F38x and C8051T62x/32x USB MCU ranges are also suited for sensor data loggers, portable medical devices, weigh scales, USB speakers, serial communication bridges, games and electronic toys.

Silicon Labs developed the USB MCU ranges to simplify the addition of USB connectivity to embedded designs.

The ranges, which include 22 products with flash and one-time-programmable (OTP) options, feature a full-speed USB 2.0 interface engine, high processing performance and USB throughput, precision analogue functionality and a clock recovery capability to enable crystal-less USB operation for reduced component count and BOM cost.

The C8051F38x MCUs’ enhanced analogue/mixed-signal capabilities enable developers to implement high-performance USB connectivity without the extra cost of using a high-end MCU.

The flash-based F38x devices are pin- and code-compatible with Silicon Labs’ existing C8051F34x USB MCUs for easy migration while offering an additional I2C interface, a higher performance analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), lower power consumption and additional timers.

The C8051T62x/32x OTP MCUs are suited for cost-sensitive USB applications.

The scalable T62x/32x range enables developers to select the most convenient set of digital and analogue peripherals optimised for their application needs and cost targets.

The OTP-based USB MCUs provide many of the same peripherals and similar functionality available from Silicon Labs’ flash-based devices but at a reduced cost.

The F38x and T62x/32x ranges include USB MCUs featuring a high-performance ADC that enables high-precision measurements, eliminating the cost of using external ADCs.

The on-chip ADC and high-speed comparators are said to perform up to five times faster than competitive offerings, easing development of analogue-intensive applications such as sensor data loggers, weigh scales, gaming controls and blood-pressure monitors.

Silicon Labs’ comprehensive USB MCU development ecosystem includes USBXpress software, code examples and USB development kits that reduce cost and development time.

The C8051F380DK development kit enables real-time code development and evaluation of the C8051F38x range.

The C8051T620DK and C8051T622DK kits enable real-time code development and evaluation of the C8051T62x/32x range.

The Toolstick381DC daughter card provides a simple, economical development tool that allows designers to develop and debug application firmware directly on a target USB MCU.

Samples and production quantities of the C8051F38x and C8051T62x/32x USB MCUs are available now in 4 x 4mm and 5 x 5mm QFN packages.

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