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California-based electronics company CWAV has released the USBee RX Test Pod, which is designed to be the ultimate PC-based programmable multifunction mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO).

The USBee RX also provides a logic analyser with I2C, SPI, Async, SDIO, 1-Wire, USB, I2S and CAN protocol decoders; a digital signal generator; frequency counter; and integrated multilevel protocol analyser.

The USBee RX has two analogue and 18 digital input channels, 100MHz sampling, 512-million-byte internal buffers, real-time sample compression, dual 10-bit ADCs, simultaneous 100Msps, eight-channel digital-signal generator, 8msps analogue signal generator, +/-60V protection on all inputs, variable logic thresholds and USB over-current protection.

With a single USB connection to a laptop or PC, the USBee RX gives engineers the power to design, prototype, test and validate their mixed signal electronic designs.

Combined with the USBee Suite software, featuring the patented Packetpresenter, the USBee RX becomes a multi-layer protocol decoder for click-and-drag instant decoding of embedded bus transactions, including I2C, SPI, ASYNC, CAN, USB at low and full speed, I2S, SM-Bus, PS/2, SDIO and 1-Wire, allowing users to debug at the waveform, bus data or packet level.

In addition, users are able to create custom applications to decode proprietary protocols and to control the USBee RX functions using the USBee Toolbuilder source code and library.

Based on a proprietary design that allows the software, firmware and hardware to be reconfigured using web-based software downloads, the USBee RX and its growing list of applications provide complete in-field upgradability that supports the addition of new features.

The USBee RX is priced at USB2,245 (GBP1,362) in single quantities and comes standard with all necessary cables, clips, leads, software and accessories.

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