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Uson has introduced an electronic label system that is aimed at manufacturers of electronic products, including AV and outdoor lighting products, who wish to facilitate lean manufacturing by using RFID tags for parts identification and information tracking.

The custom elements of Uson RFID tags are designed to streamline parts processing and help manage test data, while cutting overall production cost.

An RFID chip residing on a test part can store serial, part and lot number; the build plant and/or production line; date of manufacture; expiry date; part size, shape and colour; leak-detection test parameters and results such as pressure, leak rate, and flow rate; and other recorded test measurements recorded, such as length, weight, or torque.

According to Uson, its custom RFID tags have been especially helpful to manufacturers of disposable parts that work together with a module or console, where the RFID tags enable the console to know exactly what is connected to it and what physical parameters are required for the test to proceed.

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