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United Utilities (UU) has installed Hydro Sludgescreen compacting and dewatering screening facilities at five of its wastewater sites in south Manchester and Lancashire.

The 15 Sludgescreen units form part of the UU Sludge Balance Asset Programme (SBAP) Enabling Works, through a joint venture between Galliford Try, Costain and Atkins (GCA).

The screened sludge will be transferred to Davyhulme, UU’s largest wastewater treatment site, where a new advanced digestion pre-treatment facility will produce an advanced treated product, suitable for land recycling or incineration at the Mersey Valley Processing Centre in Widnes, Cheshire.

The Davyhulme SBAP facility is expected to be on stream in the last quarter of 2011.

Tony Goddard, IA+ South M and E project team leader for GCA JV, said: ‘We needed to produce sludge that was free from screenings.

‘Screenings-free sludge is required to reduce any potential for equipment blockages and associated damage or downtime.

‘It will also avoid product contamination with unsightly screenings for further treatment or land recycling.’ The Hydro International Sludgescreen has a small footprint and low running costs.

It provides screening and dewatering of coarse material in one operation, without requiring washwater.

It is suitable for automatic continuous or intermittent operation and sludges of varying dry solids content, and will accept any combination of tanker delivery or pumped feed; this makes it ideal for works where there are considerable differences between sources.

As a totally enclosed system, it is a low odour process.

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