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Molex has expanded its range of externally threaded Brad mPm DIN valve connectors with the addition of Form C and Form Micro housings for hydraulics and pneumatics systems.

Combining IP67 sealing properties with an external-thread design, the mPm DIN valve connector range provides good cable retention for increased performance and reliability.

It also simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces overall applied costs for hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic drive systems, according to Molex.

The external nut on the new-generation mPm DIN valve connector provides greater and consistent torque, which ensures good cable retention and high reliability.

The Molex mPm DIN connectors achieve a sealing performance from dust and water to IP67.

Cable retention force is increased by up to 115 per cent when compared with traditional internal nut designs.

Molex’s design reduces the number of components in the connector, making customer assembly and secure mounting easier and quicker, the company claimed.

Gilberto Rizzo, global product manager – fluid power at Molex, said: ‘In comparison to similar products on the market, the internal volume of the DIN Form C housing is increased by 30 per cent with no change to the external dimensions of the connector.

‘This improves overall handling, wire routing and speed of assembly over internal nut versions and, with no impact on space required by the customer’s application, can be used as a drop-in replacement,’ Rizzo added.

Molex’s external-nut design reduces the number of individual components within the DIN valve connector to simplify assembly and mounting processes.

Because the housing of the new design does not protrude past the toe of the nut, the external width of the connector has not increased and therefore has no impact on the customer’s application.

The Brad mPm range of DIN valve connectors from Molex conform to Industry Standard EN 175301-803 (formerly DIN 43650).

This is the standard for a series of electrical connectors that is commonly used with solenoid valves, especially those used on valves in hydraulics and pneumatics systems.

Brad mPm DIN connectors are supplied ‘ready-to-use’ disassembled in single sets, or as bulk components, which saves customers disassembly time per part and costs.

They can accommodate PG9 and PG11 cable and up to 9mm cable outer diameter and, since one size fits all, the customer can reduce their connector inventory.

To further reduce labour, pre-terminated and over-moulded mPm DIN valve connectors are also available in standard lengths.

Standard circuitry options available include light-emitting diode (LED) and bi-polar LED indicators, blocking diodes to protect against over-voltage or peaks when switching off and voltage-dependent resistors (VDR) to protect supply and switch.

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