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Fluid Metering has announced that its valve-less ceramic pumps are a suitable solution for drift-free fluid control for pilot plants, test stands, and bench-scale process control.

Pilot plants are the intermediate stage between laboratory experiment and full-scale operation, and it is here that precision fluid control is critical to ensure that the stage up to full-scale production is successful.

Fluid Metering’s valve-less pumps routinely meter monomers, catalysts, food additives, acids, extraction solvents, alternative fuels, water treatment chemicals, and viscous fluids and slurries.

The valve-less ceramic pumps are suitable for pilot-plant fluid control.

The sapphire-hard internal components of Fluid Metering’s pumps eliminate accuracy drift typical of pumping systems that rely on valves and elastomers (flexible tubing and diaphragms) to move fluid through the pump.

Fluid Metering’s pumps provide a valve-less rotating/reciprocation piston design that eliminates the need for check valves, which can clog, leak or fail over time.

The result is maintenance-free, drift-free fluid control that will hold an accuracy of one per cent or better for millions of cycles.

Pilot-plant operations require the ability to easily change process parameters, including flow rate.

Fluid Metering’s pumps are said to easily accommodate this requirement as flow rates can be infinitely controlled either mechanically and/or electronically via standard industrial control protocols.

Flow control is viscosity independent for added flow-rate stability.

Pump models are available to dispense as low as 5uL per dispense up to 4 litres/min continuous metering.

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