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Ross Controls’ compact size 2 DM2 Series D valve is a dynamically monitored double valve that has complete memory and is control-reliable and Category-4 rated for press clutch/brake applications.

DM2 Series D products integrate memory, monitoring and air-flow functions into two identical valve elements.

In the event of asynchronous valve element movement during actuation or de-actuation, the DM2 Series D valves will lock out, resulting in less than one per cent residual outlet pressure and inhibiting further operation of the press.

For enhanced safety, DM2 Series D valves were designed so that removing and reapplying air pressure cannot reset the valve.

A variety of fault reset options are provided, all of which require overt action per ANSI, EN and many other global regulations.

As with the rest of the DM2 Series D range, the size 2 valve offers Ross’s dirt-tolerant, wear-compensating poppet design, which provides quick response and high flow capacity.

To ensure long service life and shifting capability in potentially harsh environments, the valve has Teflon-coated back-up rings on its pistons.

The DM2 Series D size 2 valve is base-mounted and available with BSPP or NPT pipe threads.For greater flexibility in piping, the valve was designed with inlet and outlet ports on both sides.

The size 2 valve offers a 3/2 normally closed valve function and is available in 1/4 or 3/8″ port sizes.

Applications: small gap frame presses; small die cut presses; cylinder presses; small shears; and small, control-reliable pneumatic applications.

All of the DM2 Series D standard valves include a high-flow, clog-resistant silencer for noise abatement.

An optional status-indicator pressure switch is also available, which can be initially installed or added in the field.

The pressure switch has both normally open and normally closed contacts, and provides status feedback to the press controlsystem

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