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Lubriserv has revealed that its Evolution range of vanishing lubricants for presswork companies can provide manufacturing, cost and environmental benefits.

The Evolution range of mineral-oil-free vanishing lubricants enables presswork companies to press components with no odours, good tool life and clean tools, and eliminates costly post-cleaning operation.

Evolution products are odourless, low-viscosity vanishing fluids for metal forming applications.

The mineral-oil-free compounds leave a light coating of lubricant on the part during pressing and then evaporate shortly afterwards.

Lubriserv said that in most cases, these vanishing lubricants can eliminate the need for cleaning operations.

Evolution products are said to be ideal for use in fin forming or drawing (aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel or titanium) and magnetic sheet pressing.

They can be used on a variety of pressing/forming operations used in the manufacture of: television components; heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems; electronic housings; Windows hardware; medical equipment; clips; camera components; and more.

The Evolution range of products is said to have the following performance benefits: increased die/punch life; eliminate seizing; less downtime; clean components/fins without washing; clean machines and tools; no staining; mineral-oil free; and no tacky residues.

The chemical composition of Evolution vanishing fluids requires Viton gaskets in electro valves that are in contact with the lubricant.

If using a tank, it is important that the oil scraper and lubrication roller bearings inside the lubrication tank are ‘for life’ lubrication type, or double-seal type.

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