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The Oilmiser Vapor Guard (OVG) traps the oil mist that migrates from lubricated gearboxes and bearing housings before it can damage the device’s air breather and contaminate the workplace.

Continuous 24/7 operation, close mechanical tolerances and high working loads will generate oil mist inside a turbine gearbox.

Thermal expansion causes this oil mist to escape through the air breather and into the workspace.

The most visible sign is lube oil dripping onto the gearbox from the air breather.

Less obvious, but more problematic, is a film of oil that can coat sensitive electronic components and sensors.

More serious still is the reduced life of mechanical seals caused by the low-level pressure and vacuum conditions that result from a non-functional air breather.

The Oilmiser Vapor Guard traps this migrating oil mist before it escapes, before it fouls the air breather and before it contaminates the workspace.

The Vapor Guard has a central diffuser post inside a sealed aluminium containment chamber.

Migrating fumes are dispersed inside the containment chamber, where they condense back into liquid oil.

This uncontaminated lube oil collects at the bottom of the containment chamber and is channelled back into the gearbox through internal bleed-back holes.

The Vapor Guard comes in two configurations: the OVG-6200 standard-length version and the OVG 6220 double-length version.

The increased dwell time for the oil mist inside the double-length containment chamber increases the amount of condensate removed from the migrating fumes.

Designed for the power generating industry, the OVG has no moving parts, no consumables and requires no maintenance beyond a visual inspection.

The complete diffuser post can be removed to confirm its effectiveness and then reinstalled for continued use.

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