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Schneider Electric has launched the ATV32 variable speed drive (VSD), which is designed to be fully compatible with the space-saving Lexium 32 range of motor controllers.

The company is also launching its ATS22 range of softstarters.

Designed for advanced mid-range machines, the ATV32 range covers asynchronous and synchronous motors from 0.18 to 15kW.

Models are available in a slimline book style up to 4kW and models up to 1.5kW have a frame width of 45mm.

At this size, side-by-side mounting can mean a reduction in enclosure size of up to 40 per cent.

Included in the package are 150 application-specific functions, simple programmable control system functions and embedded machine safety features, including safe torque off, safe limited speed and safe stop, which make the ATV32 particularly suitable for cutting processes, plus applications in the wood and metal industries.

Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity is available through Schneider’s Somove software suite, enabling remote configuration and control.

Offering open communications, the ATV32 also has embedded CANopen and Modbus, and has the ability to communicate with most industrial networks for complex and automated applications.

At the same time, its embedded ATV Logic makes it suitable for standalone applications and a range of configuration options is available.

With a simple loader, which has a copy and paste tool, the drive can be configured with power on.

With a multi-loader, the operator can click and configure the drive with the power off.

The Somove software removes the need for a PC and all of the configuration data can be stored on an SD card.

HMI (human/machine interface) options include remote terminal or drive navigator with a full-text clear display.

The ATS 22 softstarters incorporate an embedded shorting contactor, meaning fewer components, less cabling and an overall smaller footprint, while offering true three-phase control.

The products offer a wide power range and all include a new HMI design with the ‘simply start’ concept, which allows 10 basic parameters for adjustment.

Other features include full starter and motor protections and Fieldbus communication, and they are Modbus and CANopen embedded.

They have an identical navigation to ATS 48 but incorporate a simpler display, with a reduced number of keys and a diagnostic function, LED for current status, a trip history and selectable values to monitor.

The ATV32 VSD is also compatible with the company’s Lexium 32 servo drive.

The Lexium 32 range has been developed to meet OEM architectures, with advanced tuning features and motors with machine inertia of up to 20:1 mismatch.

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