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The Varisco J series self-priming pump range from the Pump Company has been designed for tough applications.

The pump features rapid self-priming and easy installation and can be located in a dry place with only the suction pipe immersed in the liquid.

The J series can be found in many industrial applications where the transfer of clean or dirty neutral, acid or alkali liquids, containing sand, mud, solids in suspension, clean or dirty low viscosity petroleum products or solvents are used.

It is also used in the treatment of polluted, hot or corrosive wastewater or dosing neutralising liquids.

The range can also be offered to meet Atex regulations.

The robust pump is constructed in heavy duty cast iron, bronze or stainless steel.

The open impeller design makes it ideal for handling large diameter spherical solids, while the externally lubricated mechanical seal can run dry on high vacuum even when pumping highly abrasive liquids.

The built-in non-return valve has a dual function: it prevents the suction pipe from emptying when the pump is off and it retains a sufficient amount of liquid in the pump body to prime the pump.

A heavy duty bearing housing makes the pump suitable for direct or V-belt drive with a range of electric motors or engines; either long or close-coupled.

The pump offers flow rates in excess of 1000 m3/h and heads up to 70m.

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