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Varisys has launched its range of MilSTD 1553 products, commencing with the VM1553, a one-to-four channel MilSTD 1553 PMC module.

VM1553 is an IEEE1386-compatible PMC, offering up to four channels of Stanag-3838- or MIL-STD-1553-compatible connectivity.

The VM1553’s compact, modular form factor affords it numerous uses in embedded solutions in air- and conduction-cooled environments and, combined with a Varisys PMC carrier, it can be used in a laboratory.

The module is compliant with MIL-STD-1553A, MIL-STD-1553B and Stanag 3838 protocols.

Each channel can be individually configured for Bus Controller, Remote Terminal (RT), Bus Monitor operations (BM) or Extended RT/BM.

The VM1553 can be configured for direct or transformer-coupled interface via the same pins on the P14 connector.

IT functions with 3.3 or 5V signalling and has a power requirement of less than 2W for a single 1553 channel.

The VM1553’s ability to operate from -40 to 85C makes it suitable for use in data recording, monitoring and display in black-box systems or embedded-mission computers.

Typical applications for the VM1553 include avionics, radar, sonar, and data recording in hard, real-time environments such as aerospace, naval or land-based platforms.

The VM1553 is fully supported with a high-level Core Library Application Programming Interface, providing a flexible, cost-saving solution.

The design concept of the Core Library API is that it provides a consistent interface across all operating systems and hardware architectures.

The Core Library API allows porting of applications to new hardware solutions with minimal changes and provides an optional high-speed data offload engine, designed to gather bus-monitor or remote-terminal data from chipset memory to a host-storage area The software support provides full device and board-level Built In Test (BIT) functionality, as well as full Endian management, hardware-interrupt support and chipset management.

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