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Varley Pumps has completed phase one of its installation of a test bay at its factory in Luton, England.

Phase One allows the testing of special pump units on dedicated test beds.

In addition to the dedicated test beds, there is an area for non-standard and API pumps with flow rates of up to 1000gpm (4500 l/min).

The 125 kW bed has been used to test pumps at pressures up to 120 bar.

An offline cooler circuit can be used to maintain a constant temperature.

The bay also houses a 4000gal tank that is fully bunded to comply with environmental standards.

Phase two of the project will involve moving the existing test equipment for testing of standard pumps into the new area and adding data capture to all test parameters to allow them to be logged and monitored for unattended testing.

Varley Pumps manufacture double-helical gear pumps for oil-transfer, processing and forced-lubrication applications, which can be designed and manufactured in accordance with API676 when required.

The range includes bespoke pump systems, twin-set pump units and a range of standard pumps.

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