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Varlink has become a UK distributor for Wavetrend Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions.

RFID is a wireless automatic identification technology where tags, ranging from smart labels to small electronic devices, are used in enterprise systems to identify the assets they are attached to.

The tags are programmed with a unique ID number and some types offer additional sensory information such as temperature or motion, while some can store additional data.

RFID tags are read remotely through the radio-frequency signal they send to a reader, over a range of distances varying from 1m up to 500m.

The readers send the received tag information over the enterprise network to back-end systems where the real-time location of assets, their condition, or any unauthorised events (such as movement between areas) can be detected and alarms raised where needed.

Readers can be fixed in location on a site, deployed throughout buildings or across yards to provide tracking and management capabilities or added to a handheld computer – such as the Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro handheld computers distributed by Varlink – allowing for the identification, tracking and management of tagged assets anywhere.

The end user can typically configure rules for the RFID system, locate an asset or view a real-time alert via front-end software, the mobile computer or web-based interfaces.

Application areas for RFID asset tracking include supply-chain management, tracking of mobile assets to reduce loss and theft, asset management and traceability

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