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VDA 6.3 auditors for automotive quality

Fastenings manufacturer and distributor TR Fastenings (TR) has been training members of its quality team to be fully certified VDA 6.3 auditors. The certification means the team can now assess suppliers and supplier products against the standard, which is increasingly being used throughout the automotive sector.

In recent years, TR has noticed an increased focus among its automotive customers on the German VDA 6.3 standard, which looks more at the quality of specific products and components than the management of overall systems or businesses. In response, TR has invested in specific training for its supplier quality managers, resulting in them being fully certified to assess products and suppliers against VDA requirements.

The auditors at TR will be responsible for assessing suppliers’ products, documentation and processes to ensure that VDA standards are being adhered to. In addition, they and the rest of the TR team remain committed to ensuring that dialogues about customer and industry requirements are being held at all appropriate levels and acted upon accordingly.

TR Fastenings – The clear alternative

Multi-award winning global manufacturer and distributor of industrial fastenings and associated components. Est. 1973

Company Overview

TR Fastenings is a market leading global manufacturer and logistics distributor of industrial fastenings and high volume category C assembly components.

TR is a ‘full service provider’ giving End-2-End support to our customers, work with them from the early engineering & design stage right through to specification, manufacturing, quality and logistics.

Our worldwide operations span the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India and the USA.

We have an annual output of 5 billion components to over 5000 customers in sectors including automotive, electronics & telecoms, general industrial, marine, home appliance and distributor sales.

General Information
TR Fastenings manufactures 33% of all components it sells. Our own brand products include Hank® rivet bushes, Hank® self clinch fasteners, screws for plastic, blind rivet nuts, Binx® self-locking nuts and security fasteners.

Our product range includes: general fasteners, sheet metal fasteners, fasteners for plastic, micro-diameter from M0.6, plastic fasteners, security fasteners, stainless steel & brass fasteners, adhesives & sealants and more.

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