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Softstart has launched the Hyundai N700V, a high-performance vector inverter that can be applied to various loads requiring precision and control thanks to its durability, speed and torque response.

Available in powers from 5.5kW to 132kW initially, with powers extending to more than 400kW in 2011, the Hyundai N700V is claimed to set new standards for cost, energy efficiency, reliability, performance, functionality and ease of operation.

The N700V is said to offer good control performance with any load, thanks to improved torque characteristics across the frequency range and particularly at low speeds.

In sensor-less vector control, the N700V offers better than 200 per cent torque at speeds as low as 0.5Hz, while improved torque response characteristics minimise speed deviation in the event of a sudden load change.

A strong torque restriction function is also provided – adjustable from 0-200 per cent – to help protect the driven machine.

Tighter control of the torque characteristics also allows optimisation of energy savings, making the N700V a good option for users looking to bring down energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

The N700V offers a number of advanced functions, including both online and offline auto-tuning.

With online auto-tuning, quick set-up is combined with precise operation thanks to automatic compensation of changes in motor constants, such as when the motor temperature changes.

Even in the case of offline auto-tuning, speed control and torque characteristics are said to be excellent.

Another feature of the N700V is the strategies it offers for dealing with an unexpected interruption in the power supply.

An automatic restart is available with a variable-speed search function; by using the frequency matching or speed-search function, the inverter quickly matches the motor’s speed after a power failure.

Other features of the drive include output voltage regulation, which ensures smooth operation even when the input voltage fluctuates, and an advanced trip avoidance function to control over-current and over-voltage by supplying a high-quality power source to the motor.

The N700V has been designed for quick installation, ease-of-use, and simple maintenance, according to Softstart.

The low-noise circuitry and optional EMC filter minimise electrical noise, while optional AC and DC reactors restrict harmonics from being migrated back into the power supply.

Communications options include RS485, RS232 and CAN, with Modbus interface allowing up to 32 inverters to be controlled on a single bus.

For integration into wider plant control systems there is the option of an integral Profibus board, offering simple connection to PLCs, DCS systems and Scada platforms.

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