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Huntapac Produce, a grower, packer and distributor of fresh root vegetables, has chosen the Mainsaver CMMS from Spidex Software to support efficiency improvements in its plant maintenance operations.

The company is now a 24-hour operation whose customers include supermarket chains, wholesalers, caterers, food manufacturers and foodservice operations.

Stephen Shields, Huntapac’s technical manager, who led the CMMS evaluation process, said: ‘We started looking at electronic maintenance management systems as a means of improving efficiency, but many of the solutions we were presented with would have required delegating someone to physically administer them, which seemed to us to defeat the object.

‘What we liked about Mainsaver is that individual trades people have direct access to the work orders allocated to them – they can update as each job is completed and enter the required fault/cause information as they go.

‘This means that we’ll have better departmental performance information and it will be available to us immediately.

‘As well as our own engineers, we also use a number of external contractors for certain specialised tasks.

‘Mainsaver will be able to show exactly what work they are carrying out at any given time and, equally importantly, enable us to drill down into the associated costs to manage those budgets more effectively,’ he added.

Mainsaver will enable the creation of a complete preventative maintenance (PM) schedule to ensure that all PM tasks are automatically generated at the required intervals, which will, in turn, support audit compliance.

Shields has already identified some recurring day-to-day issues that Mainsaver should help to resolve.

‘In the past, when a breakdown occurred we’d often have the same incident reported by a number of different people, which created a lot of “background noise” in the department.

‘In the future, the job queue in Mainsaver will show someone immediately that a corrective work order has already been raised against that stoppage.

‘Mainsaver will also prevent minor PM jobs being overlooked or forgotten because there has been a more pressing incident to attend to, as can easily happen with non-electronic schedules,’ he said.

Mainsaver implementation and training at Huntapac is already under way and the system is expected to go live in early 2011.

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