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Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies has introduced solutions to address the issues of odour monitoring and control around sewage treatment operations.

The company is offering odour monitoring technology developed by Odotech, a spin-off from the engineering school of the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal.

This technology uses multiple sensors to analyse an air sample for a range of parameters and can be calibrated to respond to odours in the same way as the human nose.

The system can be used to distinguish between the odours generated by a particular sewage works and those that have their origins elsewhere.

The Odotech technology has been further developed into Odowatch, a continuous automatic odour monitoring system for sewage works that is capable of delivering results in real time.

Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies will soon install the first Odowatch system in the UK for Southern Water.

A typical Odowatch system for a sewage works uses between two and five electronic noses, depending on the size of the works.

The noses analyse air samples at intervals of one minute and transmit the results to a computer via WiFi, Ethernet or another network system.

The computer combines the data from the noses with information from the network weather station and uses real-time modelling software to calculate an ‘odour plume’.

The plume, which is colour coded by odour concentration, is typically overlaid on a map of the sewage works and its surrounding area, giving users a detailed indication of odour impact.

The modelling software can also provide accurate predictions of how this impact will evolve during the forthcoming 24-hour period.

The computer generates alerts if preset odour thresholds are exceeded, allowing plant operators to investigate the source of the problem and, if necessary, initiate remedial action.

Information on the main sources of odour and emission rates is also provided and the computer maintains a detailed data archive, which is useful for investigating and addressing odour complaints from the public.

Complementing Odowatch is the Alizair odour control system from Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies.

This uses a process based on autotrophic biological filtration with maintenance-free Biodagene expanded mineral media.

The media offers rise rates of up to 700m/h and has been optimised to promote the growth of the autotrophic bacteria.

The Alizair system degrades sulphurous and nitrogen compounds, including sulphides, mercaptans, ammonia and amines, by up to 99 per cent.

Since the Biodagene media is guaranteed for 25 years, no media replacement is required, making the system cost effective over its operating life.

The Alizair system can also, where necessary, be supplemented by a downstream carbon polishing filter as a further aid to removing possible peaks of mercaptans.

This makes it suitable for use in sensitive applications, such as the installation recently supplied to Limassol Waste Water Treatment Works in Cyprus, where it was necessary to ensure that the risk of odour nuisance in the vicinity of this beach was completely eliminated.

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