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A gas manufacturing company is using a peristaltic hose pump from Verderflex to reliably transfer lime slurry from below storage tanks to tanker trucks.

The company was previously utilising vacuum trucks and required a more reliable pumping process.

Owing to the high specific gravity of the slurry, the solids or particles have a tendency to settle when it is left for extended periods of time. Air must be injected to ensure the lime and other particles remain in suspension prior to pumping.

The slurry is very abrasive and the pump must withstand this and have the ability to run dry.

The gas manufacturer liaised with its local distributor, Global Pumps, which led to the specification and supply of a Verderflex VF65 pump.

Key benefits of product application

  • The VF65 pump has a maximum flow rate of 27.2m³/hr and can comfortably handle the 20m³/hr required by the client.
  • An advantage of the VF65 is that the lime slurry is isolated from all moving parts of the pump and is contained within the suction hose.
  • With only one wearing part (the hose) exposed to the abrasive nature of suspended lime, the VF65 requires less downtime and maintenance then other types of pumps.
  • Replacing the vacuum trucks with the Verderflex peristaltic hose pump has enabled the client to simplify and cost-effectively streamline the slurry transfer process.
  • The VF65’s durability prevents the unnecessary downtime that could occur as a result of reduced maintenance and mechanical failure.

Verderflex® peristaltic hose pumps and tube pumps are the ideal solution for pumping liquids and dosing chemicals. Ranging from smaller Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) pumps to the world’s largest hose pumps used in very heavy industrial applications.

Verderflex® peristaltic hose and tube pumps are used in many industries including: water and wastewater, mining, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and packaging.

Verder’s peristaltic tube and hose pumps can pump abrasive, highly corrosive, viscous, high density and shear sensitive products.

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