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Verdermag Global, the pumping solutions supplier, has installed an HC40-25-200 high-pressure pump in a crude-oil sampling system commissioned for BP.

The installation – in the Skarv and Idun fields of Norway – is the result of a six-month collaborative working relationship with Doedijns Controls, a Dutch supplier of systems and services for the oil-and-gas industry, to engineer the Verdermag Global systems into its tailor-made crude-oil sampling system.

One of the few new field developments on the Norwegian continental shelf, Skarv and Idun represent eight million cubic metres of oil and condensate 48.3 billion cubic metres of rich gas.

Anthony Beckwith, the Verdermag Global product manager, said: ‘The Verdermag Global solution was specified by the client for a combination of reasons.

‘Coupled with value for money and better lead time compared with other suppliers, its Duplex stainless-steel casing is recognised for its superior performance in corrosion-resistant applications.

‘The Verdermag Global range of pumps can be used for a wide range of applications.

‘The range covers flow rates from 1m3/h to 70m3/h with a temperature range of -40C to +200C and an operating pressure of 16bar to 200bar,’ he added.

Verder manufactures and supplies high-quality pumping solutions throughout the world to a variety of industries including: water and wastewater; printing; packaging; chemical; industrial; food and beverage; construction and pharmaceutical. Verder’s range of quality industrial pumps can assist in any application and include: peristaltic pumps; air-diaphragm pumps; mag-drive centrifugal pumps; and gear pumps.

We specialise in providing sealless pumps, which ensure that spillages are avoided a particular problem when pumping hazardous chemicals, aggressive or abrasive fluids, toxic media and fluids containing solids.

Verder pumps are safe, strong and reliable products and with most pumping ranges offer a sealless, 100 per cent leakproof pumping solution.

In addition, pumps for specific requirements such as Atex, ultra-pure or SIP/CIP possibilities are available in the Verder pumping range.

Verder has vast experience in providing reliable and cost-effective fluid-handling solutions and with more than 50 years' experience we are specialists in this field.

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