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Symetix has introduced a mid-volume optical inspection system for verifying solid dose pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

The Verisym SL inspects up to 500,000 soft-gel capsules or tablets per hour, verifying product colour, size and shape and removing defects, foreign capsules and tablets from the product stream to assure product quality while reducing labour costs.

The single-lane system offers the same capabilities as the original two-lane, full-capacity Verisym that Symetix introduced in 2009 but with half the maximum capacity, making it ideal for smaller manufacturers and contract packers of OTC and regulated soft gels and tablets.

The modular Verisym SL can be upgraded in the field at a later date to achieve full capacity – a million soft gels or tablets per hour – to accommodate growing demand.

Verisym SL removes foreign capsules and tablets as well as defects such as broken tablets, stained tablets, tablets with missing coating if the coating is a different colour than the underlying tablet and soft gels with air bubbles, stained capsules and misshapen product.

Symetix designed Verisym SL/N for nutraceuticals and Verisym SL/P for OTC and regulated pharmaceuticals.

The /P model is FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant with secure and encrypted logs, secure pass-code management, parameter histograms and guided changeover.

The /P model also features a parallel processor that enables operators to monitor images of every object of interest, such as unconfirmed objects.

As the new Verisym SL uses the same software and hardware as the full-capacity Verisym introduced last year, the new system is simple to validate.

Verisym SL uses proprietary colour cameras to view product – two primary inspection cameras are located above and below the product stream.

Symetix’s image processing technology quickly analyses the product images, comparing each object with previously defined accept/reject standards.

When a defective product or unconfirmed object is identified, the system activates the close-coupled high-speed ejector system to remove it from the acceptable product stream.

The system can be programmed to send an alarm or to stop the product flow when an unconfirmed object is detected, which prevents unconfirmed objects from being accepted.

Verisym SL can be cleared, cleaned and set up to handle the next product in 20 minutes.

Product settings can be stored in memory for recall via the icon-based graphical user interface (GUI), which resides on a pendant-style touch screen that enables operator access from either side of the system.

In addition to residing locally, the GUI can be accessed remotely via a network or the internet.

Verisym SL is designed to meet FDA requirements and to comply with GAMP guidelines.

Symetix offers complete engineering services and validation packages as well as worldwide service and technical support..

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