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Methodics, a provider of design data management (DM) tools for integrated circuits (ICs), has announced that its VersIC tool suite supports the latest release of the Subversion version control system.

The Subversion 1.6 release from the Subversion open-source community delivers new features, including the ability to detect tree conflicts, enhanced file system storage mechanisms that reduce repository space requirements, authentication data handling improvements and the enhanced management of credentials.

The VersIC platform integrates the Subversion system into the Cadence hardware design environment, allowing designers to fully exploit the features and capabilities of release 1.6.

The modular VersIC architecture allows the addition of tools for managing the design data in a variety of ways, creating a collaborative work environment that meets the growing need for communication between multiple sites and design teams and that enables visual comparison and the implementation of design changes.

The VersIC configuration management (CM) and revision control tool is designed as an open, modular platform whose capabilities can be expanded with plug-in application modules that solve specific problems.

It provides all the standard software configuration management (SCM) functionality, including branching/tagging, release flows, user workspace CM, IP-variant management, hierarchical DM operations and full support for Cadence file types.

It also allows the mixing of different branches, tags and custom IP in the same local workspace.

‘DM-Driven’ modules enable hardware design methodologies in a version-controlled context and represent a way to enable true global design collaboration, according to the company.

Bill Portelli, chief executive officer of Collabnet, which started and is the driver of the Subversion open-source version control system, said: ‘Methodics VersIC enables a seamless Subversion-based configuration management experience in the Cadence design environment and provides a common platform for software/hardware design objects.

‘The intersection of software development tools and processes with hardware development tools and processes is something that the IC world has been seeking for years,’ he added.

Using such industry-standard tools as Subversion 1.6 as the CM database ensures that design data is never locked into a proprietary system and also makes the entire CM companion tools ecosystem available to facilitate user-specific IP and release methodologies.

Subversion is used to maintain current and historical versions of such files as source code, web pages and documentation.


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