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SolutionsPT has extended its product range to include Versiondog, a solution to the problem of version control and change tracking in automation control and HMI/SCADA applications.

Auvesy’s Versiondog software is used for backing up, managing and controlling plant PLC, SCADA and robot control software.

It provides a form of data management and versioning control that includes change history, and backup and restore capabilities.

Versiondog can be used with all control products and has binary and ASCII file comparison, which extends to versioning Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as PDF documents.

This allows automated documentation of changes throughout the lifetime of an application; from the early stages of development through to adjustments that are precipitated through continuous improvement programmes and production changes.

Versiondog records all changes automatically and optionally provides backup and restore functions.

Changes can be authorised and commented, and later may become the new master version.

This overcomes the accumulation of slight changes that lead to the automation scheme being increasingly undocumented with consequential support problems leading to extended downtime.

Potential customer benefits are: improved quality management and data integrity, disaster planning and recovery, project efficiency, reduced time to completion and overall cost reduction.

Versiondog is applicable to applications in manufacturing and industrial facilities in highly regulated or high-risk environments; pharmaceutical and other validated environments; food and beverage; and to system integrators within their application-development and support services.

Versiondog is functionally packaged according to intended use – for example in facilities appropriate to manufacturers, process plant operators, machine builders and system builders.

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