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Castle Precision Engineering (Glasgow) has installed the Taiyo Koki NVG-8T vertical grinding machine from Mori Seiki for the production of tubular parts requiring both internal and external grinding.

Castle Precision produces a range of parts including fan discs, blades and rotors for aerospace applications in materials such as steel, titanium, udimet and nimonic.

Marcus Tiefenbrun, chairman and managing director at Castle Precision, said: ‘The benefit of the Taiyo Koki is that the part is held vertically, enabling us to completely grind the inside and outside diameters in one operation without resetting.

‘A horizontal grinder would make it necessary for us to reset the part between the inside and outside – a task that is difficult to do with complete accuracy.

‘With the Taiyo Koki we can guarantee wall thicknesses and concentricity and avoid problems such as taper or ovality,’ he added.

Taiyo Koki is part of the Mori Seiki group of companies.

Temperature-controlled and sealed environments for manufacture, and specially developed testing routines for each machine, ensure accuracy and reliability.

The machine is said to include some useful features that speed up production and simplify manufacturing.

Tiefenbrun said: ‘The machine ATC makes six wheels available to us, so that we can completely grind the job in one setting.

‘The only exception is if the part needs to go for treatment or if there is an inaccessible shoulder.

‘The system on the machine automatically finds and updates the datum, and wear control dresses 10 microns off the wheel at each pass.

‘Macro programs determine the number and type of cuts necessary for each operation, and the machine’s gap eliminator detects when the gap between the wheel and workpiece is less than about 400u, automatically cutting the feedrate, which saves us a lot of time,’ he added.

Castle Precision often works to micron tolerances and additionally needs to meet the demands of its customers for exceptional surface finishes and particular material grain structures.

Tiefenbrun said: ‘The Taiyo Koki enables us to make good parts, up to one metre high, faster.

‘We can manufacture larger components with vertical grinding as there is no need to hold parts up to the wheel – necessary for horizontal grinding.

‘We have found it to be very effective,’ he added.

In addition to the Taiyo Koki NVG-8T, Castle Precision has more than 40 Mori Seiki machines, including six Mori Seiki SL75 lathes, five SL603B lathes, two NMV5000 five-axis machining centres, an NT5400 DCG multi-tasking machine and an NT6600 DCG multi-tasking machine.

MORI SEIKI with its head offices in Nagoya, Japan, is a pioneer in machine tool building. Founded in 1948 the company has launched more than one hundred different lathe and machining centre series over the years, all NC / CNC models. In total more than 180.000 machines have been produced.

Products from MORI SEIKI are manufactured on the basis of a solid development policy. As manufacturer of machine tools the company has developed a wide range of CNC lathes, machining centres, and multi-axis lathes. Complete solution is the key phrase, as support throughout the full lifecycle of machines is paramount to MORI SEIKI.

MORI SEIKI machines are produced in Japanese production factories Iga, Nara and Chiba, as well as in its production location at Dixi machines in Le Locle, Switzerland. The French company TOBLER SAS – specialists in precise clamping mandrels and clamping tools – also belongs to the Mori Seiki group.

MORI SEIKI has over 90 sales and service technical centres worldwide.

Recent years have seen the company’s dedication in Europe get off to a good start. Various sites have been set up and further expanded. The European training centre is located in the Stuttgart Technical Centre. Here customers, employees and business partners from all over Europe can be trained in extremely well equipped conditions.

We also have a centralised spare parts department in Europe, which has over 23.290 parts in stock, ensuring quicker and more efficient spare parts delivery.

Precision, performance and productivity: that is PURE TECHNOLOGY from MORI SEIKI.

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