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MAG Industrial Automation Systems has detailed its range of vertical turning centres for large-part manufacturing in industries such as wind and nuclear.

MAG vertical turning centres are up to 9m swing with 5-8m tables.

They are of a rigid, two-column design, which includes fixed- and adjustable-rail models, all with multi-processing options for live spindle machining and grinding.

The large vertical turning centres offer multiprocessing machining capabilities with high-end specifications such as 2500mm ram travel and 1500mm minimum height under the rail.

The modular machine design is built for high metal-removal rates on large parts, with twin columns mounted to the base, 150,000-250,000kg table load capacity, and 350mm cross-section ram for extreme rigidity and chatter-free machining.

Four models – with table diameters of 5, 6, 7 and 8m – are being introduced in fixed and adjustable-rail styles.

All are engineered for full ram travel to either side of the table centre, providing facing capacity that is 1m greater than table diameter for any given model.

Powered by a 145kW (190HP) table drive, the 5m and 6m models have a maximum speed of 72rev/min and constant torque rating of 160,000Nm (118,000lb/ft) constant torque.

Customer-driven features include the use of standard modular tooling, including KM and Coromant Capto C8; green design with minimal hydraulics; energy conservation with selectable ‘sleep’ capability; minimal foundation requirements; and chip management and removal that minimises operator intervention.

Ergonomic features include an operator platform that provides a good view of the cutting zone, as well as access to the tool and tool magazine.

Options for the platform include fixed position, or moveable in vertical, or horizontal and vertical directions.

A full machine enclosure meets CE specifications and ensures a dry floor environment.

Robust construction features include heavily reinforced columns and beds.

The hydrostatic ram, with 2.5m stroke, combines wear-free reliability and high rigidity with high vibration damping and thermal symmetry.

Full X-axis ram travel allows probing the outside diameter of parts, ensuring high measurement accuracy, and the large swing capacity better accommodates asymmetric parts, part loading, and operator access.

A rail-mounted tool changer allows for fast, easy tool changes, according to MAG.

The rail-mount design, in conjunction with the horizontal and vertical movement of the operator platform, facilitates tool maintenance during the machining cycle.

Extended tool magazines are also available.

Adjustable-rail machine models use twin linear scales on the W-axis to ensure precise parallelism between the cross slide and table at all height positions.

Available feed thrust in X- and Z-axis is 45,000N (10,116lbf).

Linear positioning accuracy in X- and Z-axis is 0.015mm (0.0006in), with repeatability of 0.010mm (0.0004in).

Options include a right-angle head and live spindle to allow milling, drilling, tapping and other machining operations, all in the same fixturing.

Full contouring with C-axis enables drilling or mill turning of features anywhere on the workpiece, with contouring/positioning by a 360,000-position table.

An automatically changed grinding attachment adds surface finishing to the one-stop processing capabilities of MAG vertical turning centres, allowing finishing of ID, OD and plane surfaces on parts.

Ideal for large bearings and gearboxes, the grinding attachment can produce better than 10 microin finishes and roundness of less than 60 microin, with diameter size control of 0.025mm (0.001in).

MAG Industrial Automation Systems

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