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Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX2062, a fully programmable, multistate, dual-channel, analogue and digital IF/RF variable-gain amplifier suitable for automatic gain control circuits.

The easy-to-control device delivers a combination of VGA performance, programmability and component integration.

The MAX2062 provides ‘rapid-fire’ gain selection for four customised attenuation states per path, fast 25ns digital switching, and low digital variable gain amplifier (VGA) amplitude overshoot/undershoot.

It also provides the convenience of SPI control for its two analogue attenuators through its on-chip eight-bit DACs.

It is said to be a suitable choice for the ‘fast-attack’ automatic gain control (AGC) circuits found in all 2.5G/3G/4G wireless infrastructure transceivers, including GSM/Edge, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE and Wimax applications.

The MAX2062 can serve as either an IF or RF all-purpose VGA, interfacing directly with 50ohm systems operating over the 50MHz to 1,000MHz frequency range.

Since the stages within each path have their own RF input and RF output, the MAX2062 can be configured to optimise either noise figure (amplifier configured first within the cascade) or linearity (amplifier configured last).

Alternately, it can be configured to provide a compromise between the two parameters (amplifier configured second).

In its typical configuration (digital attenuator to analogue attenuator to driver amplifier), the cascade yields a total gain range of 64dB, a maximum gain of 19.4dB, and a noise figure of 7.3dB.

Maxim Integrated Products said the cascaded linearity is equally notable with +41dBm of OIP3, +56dBm of OIP2, and +19dBm of OP1db performance.

In a receiver application, this linearity directly enhances the receiver’s immunity to strong blocker signals.

Second- and third-order harmonic distortion (HD2 and HD3) content is also limited to -55dBc and -72.7dBc, respectively.

This performance eases the filtering requirements of close-in harmonics and leads to simpler and more cost-effective filter designs.

The device’s rapid-fire gain-selection feature allows the user to access any of four customised digital attenuation states without incurring the delays associated with reprogramming the device through the SPI bus.

The digital attenuator I/O is further reduced by a factor of either 5x or 2.5x (five control bits versus one or two, respectively); depending on the number of states desired.

The dedicated eight-bit control DACs allow the user to easily adjust the analogue attenuation in 0.12dB increments through a simple SPI command.

By integrating this function, the device eliminates the need for separate control DACs and voltage references and simplifies the overall design.

No additional SPI peripherals need to be programmed, and no additional analogue control lines must be routed on the PCB.

The MAX2062 incorporates nine circuit functions into a single, compact monolithic device.

When compared with an equivalent circuit using two MAX2065 VGAs, the dual VGA reduces the circuit’s overall footprint by 31 per cent.

The MAX2062 is available in a lead-free, 48-pin TQFN package.

Pin-for-pin compatible digital-only (MAX2063) and analogue-only (MAX2064) versions are also available.

Maxim Integrated Products

Maxim Integrated Products is a publicly-traded company that designs, manufactures, and sells high-performance semiconductor products. The company was founded over 25 years ago with the mission to deliver innovative analogue and mixed-signal engineering solutions that add value to its customers' products. To date, it has developed over 6,400 products serving the industrial, communications, consumer, and computing markets.

Maxim reported revenue of approximately $2bn (£1.3bn) for fiscal 2010. A Fortune 1000 company, Maxim is included in the Nasdaq 100, the Russell 1000, and the MSCI USA indices. For more information, visit out website.

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