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Precision Microdrives has added a 6mm through-hole PCB-mounted vibrating motor with multi-mounting points for extra-secure mounting to its Pico Haptic range of miniature vibrating motors.

The new motor offers the traditional through-hole mounting method of integration with a small amount of board real estate.

The device can be soldered by hand or with wave soldering techniques.

The vibrating motor has a very low start voltage, which makes it suitable for producing a range of vibration intensities and vibration intensity modulation.

A wide range of applications can benefit from vibration-based haptic feedback, according to the company.

For smaller motors such as the 306-006, suitable applications include handheld battery-powered devices.

Low-voltage motors such as the 306-006 are intended to be driven by one- or two-cell designs, but it is also common for them to be driven via an LDO voltage regulator for higher bus voltages, particularly in mobile phones.

The 306-006 through-hole PCB vibrating motor is rated at 1.5VDC with an operating range of 0.4-1.8V.

This motor has a particularly low start voltage of 0.35V, which means it is suitable for applications where a wide range of vibration intensity would be useful.

At 1.5V, the motor produces a typical 0.75G (7.36m/sec) of vibration at 10.5k revolutions per minute.

Topology wise, the motor is a three-pole coreless design with a toroidal neodymium magnetic.

Current draw is typically 75mA, and the motor has a high efficiency with a 7g/W output.

This stock motor has an environmental operating temperature of -20C to +60C and runs with a low audible noise of less than 40dBA.

Like most of Precision Microdrives’ coreless Pico Haptic vibrating motors, there is some scope for the customisation and modification of operating characteristics.

This motor is a PCB-mounted type and, as such, it does not come with flying leads, but rather through-hole pins for electrical connection and secure mounting.

Since this is a stocked part, it is also possible to buy these vibration motors off the shelf in one-plus quantities.

Vibration haptic feedback is said to be useful as a means to alerting operators.

According to the company, people have become used to the handy ‘vibra-ring’ function in mobile phones, and many designers of other handheld products are now using vibration feedback as a way to differentiate their products against the competition.

Some recent applications include metal detectors, heart-rate monitors, RFID and barcode scanners, medical devices, gas detectors and torque wrenches.

Except for the latter case, all these applications benefit from non-audible or visual feedback.

Through-hole vibration motors are part of a wider range of 4-7mm Pico Haptic vibration motors that come in a range of form factors, such as PCB vibration motors and coin vibration motors.

Precision Microdrives

Precision Microdrives is a reliable and competent UK-based supplier of precision DC electric motors. We manufacture precise, miniature, low-voltage, DC vibrating motors, DC reduction gear motors, and DC brushed motors. We stand for delivering our motors on time and to spec.

We carry a wide range of stock DC vibration motors, gear motors and brushed motors with frame sizes from Ø4mm ~ Ø100mm and offer next-day delivery through Europe. We also manufacture customised and high-volume motor requirements to specification.

Most customers develop customised motors from our base (stocked) range of parts. Common changes include performance alterations, and the addition of wires, looms, connectors and output mechanisms.

Our motors are used worldwide in automotive, medical, consumer, handheld and instrumentation applications. We lead the market in tactile vibration (haptic) feedback and vibration-based operator alerting, and make many of the smallest DC geared motors commercially available.

We have a helpful application and engineering support team, which offers free advice on how to integrate our parts into designs. It also designs and manufactures complete products where precision motion forms the core of the design; our specialisation, is in high-end consumer and medical products.

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