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Precision Microdrives’ Pico Haptic series PCB-mountable ‘spring/pad’ surface-mounting vibration motors are suitable for use in mobile phones and other handheld devices.

The 304-108 spring vibration motor has a tiny footprint and simplifies product assembly, according to the company.

The motor, which is moulded into a square rubber mount, is secured within a recess to the application’s enclosure moulding.

Gold springs protrude from the motor and rubber case, offering a secure press-fit electrical connection with pads on a mating PCB.

The motor can be assembled into the enclosure as part of one process, and then the mating between motor springs and PCB pads happens on final assembly when the PCB is secured to the enclosure.

An increasing number of handheld devices are incorporating micro-sized vibration motors such as the 304-108.

These battery-powered products tend to have either 1.2-1.5V or 3.0-3.6V buses; and this is why the Pico Haptic vibration motors are available in two nominal voltages.

As a 3V nominal motor, the 304-108 lends itself to dual-cell alkaline-/nickel-based rechargeable batteries or single-cell lithium-based batteries.

Vibration feedback provides a reliable way of alerting users.

People have all become used to the ‘vibra-ring’ function in mobile phones, and many designers of other handheld products are now using vibration feedback as a way to differentiate their products.

Some recent applications that Precision Microdrives has worked on include watches, GPS receivers, heart-rate monitors, RFID and barcode scanners, medical devices and even drum sticks.

Except for the latter case, all these applications benefit from non-audible or visual feedback, according to the company.

The 304-108 spring vibration motor is rated at 3VDC, with a working range between 1.2V and 3.6V.

The motor will run at a nominal speed of 10,000rev/min (167Hz) at 3V, while producing a typical 0.6G (5.87m/s) of vibration output.

The motor design is based on our standard coreless micromotor topology; a three-pole coreless machine with toroidal neodymium magnetic.

The current draw is typically 85mA and this equates to a vibration efficiency of 3.5G/W output.

This off-the-shelf part operates at temperatures from -20C to +70C, although these can be extended by request.

The new vibration motor is quiet, with a typical audible noise level of less than 40dBA.

Spring vibration motors come in standard 4mm motor trays and are available from stock in 1+ quantities.

Spring and pad vibration motors are part of a wider range of 4-7mm Pico Haptic vibration motors, which come in a selection of form factors, such as PCB vibration motors and coin vibration motors.

Precision Microdrives

Precision Microdrives is a reliable and competent UK-based supplier of precision DC electric motors. We manufacture precise, miniature, low-voltage, DC vibrating motors, DC reduction gear motors, and DC brushed motors. We stand for delivering our motors on time and to spec.

We carry a wide range of stock DC vibration motors, gear motors and brushed motors with frame sizes from Ø4mm ~ Ø100mm and offer next-day delivery through Europe. We also manufacture customised and high-volume motor requirements to specification.

Most customers develop customised motors from our base (stocked) range of parts. Common changes include performance alterations, and the addition of wires, looms, connectors and output mechanisms.

Our motors are used worldwide in automotive, medical, consumer, handheld and instrumentation applications. We lead the market in tactile vibration (haptic) feedback and vibration-based operator alerting, and make many of the smallest DC geared motors commercially available.

We have a helpful application and engineering support team, which offers free advice on how to integrate our parts into designs. It also designs and manufactures complete products where precision motion forms the core of the design; our specialisation, is in high-end consumer and medical products.

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