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Mogensen Raw Materials Handling is a specialist manufacturer of vibratory screens, feeders, conveyors, sizers and open-ended, non-clogging grizzlies known as Divergators for the recycling industry.

Many recycling plants find it essential to use vibratory equipment somewhere in their processes to loosen, carry out preliminary separation on, spread and/or size the incoming materials.

Examples of processes that would not be able to operate effectively without this sort of assistance include magnetic, eddy current, ballistic, optical-electronic and air separation, all of which are found in the recycling industry.

According to Mogensen, within the recycling sector the processing of waste materials from the construction industry has shown the most marked increase in recent years.

This includes the dewatering and sizing of sand and recycled aggregates, the sizing of wood products and glass, and also the screening of waste plasterboard following the banning in the European Union of consigning such material to landfill.

Mogensen has supplied numerous machines for processing shredded plasterboard, ranging from small single-deck screens to 3m-wide, five-deck sizer/spreader feeder combinations.

These units have been used to perform simple duties such as the removal of paper and production of coarse-grade recycled gypsum, and also more demanding duties such as the production of multiple fine-grade fractions compliant with British Standard PAS109:2008.

Mogensen equipment is used, for example, to process shredded plasterboard at rates of up to 80tph, performing separations to less than 1mm.

With more than 500,000 tonnes of scrap plasterboard already recycled annually in the UK alone, the environmental benefit is clear, especially as clean, recycled board is about 97 per cent re-usable in the manufacture of new plasterboard, cement manufacture, the production of bricks and building blocks for internal use, and for soil improvement.

Mogensen Raw Materials Handling

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